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Supplier Lijie provides custom black clothing label services, offering two common types of options: woven labels and wash care labels. Woven labels are typically made of high-quality fabric and can be personalized with woven text, patterns, or brand logos. Wash care labels, on the other hand, are printed labels affixed to garments and can include fabric composition, washing instructions, and other requested information. Supplier Lijie is committed to delivering high-quality labels that help customers showcase their unique style and brand image.
Function Description
Material options for custom black clothing labels:

1. Fabric: Fabric labels are typically made of high-quality materials such as nylon or polyester. These materials are soft and durable and can be printed or embroidered with personalized patterns, text, or brand logos.

2. Leather: Leather labels are a premium option for customization. They can be made from genuine or synthetic leather and have a textured, personalized effect that is suitable for high-end products.

3. Rubber: Rubber labels are typically made from eco-friendly materials and have a soft, elastic texture. They can be printed or carved with personalized patterns, text, or brand logos.

Craft options for custom black clothing labels:

1. Printing: Printing is a common craft option, which can be used to print basic information such as composition, washing instructions, etc.

2. Weaving: Weaving is the main craft used to make fabric labels. It can be customized to meet unique design requirements.

3. Carving: Rubber labels are typically made using carving techniques, which involve carving logos or patterns into the rubber material.

Products for which custom black clothing labels can be used:

Custom black clothing labels can be applied to a variety of products such as clothing, hats, shoes, bags, etc. They can be used for brand promotion, product identification, improving brand awareness, etc.

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