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Wholesale Hang tags luxury sportswear support customization, LIJIE is a Chinese clothing label supplier, kraft paper hang tags large quantity and low price;
Function Description
For the customization of luxury sportswear hang tags, you can generally choose from the following materials and processes:

- Metal materials: such as stainless steel, copper, aluminum alloy, etc., which can give the hang tags a luxurious appearance.
- High-quality paper: such as thick paperboard, specialty paper, etc., which can achieve a unique texture and visual effect.

- Hot stamping/silver stamping: through hot stamping or silver stamping processes, the surface of the hang tags can exhibit a metallic luster, enhancing the luxury feel.
- Embossing/debossing: using raised patterns or text to enhance the three-dimensional and tactile feel of the hang tags.
- Laser engraving: precise laser engraving on metal materials, achieving a high-end customized effect.

In addition, Shantou LIJIE, as a professional custom service provider, supports customers in personalized customization according to their needs and offers the following customization advantages:
- Diverse choices: providing a variety of material, process, and design style options to meet different customer needs.
- Quality assurance: equipped with advanced production equipment and a skilled technical team to ensure the quality and precision of customized products.
- Professional design: possessing a professional design team to provide personalized design solutions based on customer requirements.
- Customization service process: offering a comprehensive customization service process, including communication, design confirmation, sample approval, mass production, etc., ensuring customer satisfaction.

I hope the above information meets your needs. If you have more questions about custom hang tags or need further details on customization, please feel free to ask!

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Features of luxury hang tags

Luxury coated paper options
The thickness of the tag is an important consideration because the thicker the tag, the better the quality feel. Our luxury hang tags are made of high-quality coated paper to prevent deformation. Professional machinery ensures the clarity of printed text.

Embossed or debossed logo
Logos play an important role in hang tags. Choosing an embossed or debossed logo is the most effective way to attract customers. This label is classic. A luxury hang tag deserves a sophisticated logo. It also creates brand value.

punch grommets
If you prefer a luxurious hang tag with a delicate punched grommet, we also offer hang tags with grommets. It's easy to apply and the tag can be easily attached to clothing using our simple buckle cord and safety pins (if you choose). Also available in high-gloss logo finish.

Hot stamping printing
Using silver or gold foil can add a sophisticated touch to your products. Foil conveys a feeling of prestige and luxury. It conveys a mature message to your customers. Use foil to make your labels shine with gorgeous metallic tones.

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