LIJIE AI provides a comprehensive solution to address the pain points of the apparel tag supply chain

Date Time: November 01, 2023
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Shantou LIJIE (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., a renowned enterprise in the field of garment tags, has been dedicated to the research and application of RFID technology for many years and has provided one-stop RFID tag production and solutions to numerous domestic and international footwear and clothing retail enterprises. However, there are still many challenges and problems in the transformation of traditional garment tag enterprises into RFID tag industry. In response to these problems, Shantou LIJIE actively innovates and proposes a comprehensive solution to better address the pain points of the apparel tag supply chain.

LIJIE AI provides a comprehensive solution to address the pain points of the apparel tag supply chain

Firstly, Shantou LIJIE proposes an effective management strategy to address the cost issue of RFID tags. The materials and manufacturing processes required for RFID tags make them more expensive than traditional tags, posing challenges for enterprise investment and cost management. To solve this problem, Shantou LIJIE has optimized production processes, procurement strategies, and supply chain management measures to reduce tag production costs and improve cost-effectiveness for enterprises.

Secondly, Shantou LIJIE attaches importance to technical support and system integration to address the technical limitations of RFID tags. RFID tags need to be used in conjunction with readers, and system integration and data processing are required. Therefore, Shantou LIJIE has an independent research and development team committed to providing comprehensive software and hardware development and implementation services to meet customer needs for technical support and system integration.

Thirdly, Shantou LIJIE focuses on improving the stability and reliability of RFID tags. For the common problems of reading and writing failure, tag damage, and missed reads encountered by RFID tags, Shantou LIJIE has improved tag stability and reliability by optimizing production processes and quality control to ensure the accuracy of supply chain information and promote product tracking and querying.

Fourthly, Shantou LIJIE promotes the standardization of RFID tags to address issues such as interoperability and standardized data writing. In response to the problem of large differences in tags produced by different manufacturers and lack of uniform standardized data writing, layout, and draft, Shantou LIJIE has proposed a unified standardization solution to ensure interoperability between tags, improve the reliability and popularity of RFID tags.

Lastly, Shantou LIJIE proposes an efficient solution to address production data processing issues. Compared to traditional tags, RFID tags have more complex production data, with a large number of SKUs and replenishment work, which brings difficulties and cost pressures to production and subsequent processing. To address this issue, Shantou LIJIE has optimized production processes, improved production efficiency, and reduced labor and logistics costs through intelligent technology and management methods, thereby improving production capacity.

In summary, Shantou LIJIE (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. has proposed a comprehensive solution to address pain points in the apparel tag supply chain. By reducing costs, optimizing technical support, improving stability, promoting standardization, and improving production data processing efficiency, Shantou LIJIE is committed to promoting the promotion and application of RFID tags in the apparel industry and providing more efficient and reliable tag solutions for enterprises and brand merchants.

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