Shantou LIJIE Showcases Latest Traditional Clothing Label Technology at 2021 China International Clothing & Accessories Fair

Date Time: February 10, 2021
Reading volume: 366
Author: YUWEI
When you look at clothing, it's believed that everyone will more or less pay attention to the label on the garment. The clothing label is not only a sign of brand or size, but also an important carrier of information, including details about the material, washing instructions, and place of origin. Shantou LIJIE Clothing Label Company participated in the 19th China International Clothing & Accessories Fair held in Guangzhou in 2021, showcasing the latest traditional clothing label technology and providing customers with comprehensive label solutions.

clothing label

The company is a professional enterprise engaged in the research and development and manufacturing of clothing labels, with years of industry experience and technical accumulation. At this exhibition, the company showcased the latest traditional clothing label materials, printing techniques, and label design technologies. Customers can customize their own clothing labels here, and different materials and techniques can meet different needs.

In addition, the company offers personalized label solutions to visiting customers, helping them better manage and control the information flow in the clothing production process. For example, the company provides an intelligent label management system that can manage clothing labels in a streamlined manner, thereby improving manufacturing efficiency and reducing manufacturing costs.

By participating in this exhibition, the company has consolidated its technological advantages and market position in the 

traditional clothing label field, and provided customers with more comprehensive and professional label solutions.

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