Why Do Woven Labels and Fabric Tags Need to Be Bound?

Date Time: November 01, 2023
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Currently, the application of garment accessories is becoming more and more prevalent, with a high quantity being produced. As time advances, their production process has improved and they have been widely applied to clothing. Different industries have varying requirements for the size, color, and shape of these woven and fabric labels, which play an important role in product identification. Most people believe that displaying the advantages of a brand through the use of woven labels and fabric tags is entirely possible.

Woven Labels and Fabric Tags

Woven labels and trademarks are usually bound by a fabric edge or border. However, it is common to see a lock around woven labels. Some customers believe that woven labels also require locking. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. Typically, machine-woven labels do not require locking, as this is an additional process. Binding is a sewing technique used at the edge or eyelet of a machine-woven label. The stitches are very dense, and the thread is slanted or hooked, which prevents the woven label from unraveling and strengthens the computer-woven label.

Binding is common in textiles. Many customers are concerned about the durability of the fabric in garment accessories. In fact, previous generations have had methods to solve these issues, such as touching and starching. Of course, binding to some extent fortifies and beautifies the woven label.

Although garment weaving labels and tags do not directly affect the function of clothing, they play a certain role in supervising clothing quality and guiding and promoting consumers. In clothing markets or many clothing evaluations, because of the improper selection of some accessories, the value of clothing often decreases.

Choosing the correct clothing accessories can improve the quality and grade of clothing. On the contrary, it may affect the overall effect of clothing, marketing performance, and clothing use. Nowadays, Chinese export clothing often focuses on fabric and lining, neglecting the quality, tone, style, and humanity of unimportant clothing accessories.

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