Woven Clothing Labels

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Date Time: February 29, 2024
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Woven Clothing Labels

We can design any font and style according to your own requirements, such as size, color, shape. You can customize woven clothing labels in any size and shape, choose an appropriate stitching method based on your fabric and other needs, such as: adhesive backing (glue), no adhesive and so on.

personalized woven clothing labels

What Is Woven Clothing Labels
Woven labels are an essential brand mark for clothes,you can called woven clothing labels,  widely used in clothing ,such as t-shirt, sportswear, jacket and so on. There are two kinds of woven labels for clothing: damask woven labels and satin woven labels.

This damask woven label is made of high quality material and it is designed to be very soft to touch. The pattern on the labels is woven by a machine, so it can weave very high definition logos and patterns. This type of woven label can use up to eight colors at the same time.

Satin woven label is smooth and shiny, soft to the touch, very high-end. It has stronger color strength and good color fastness. Because of its textured structure and thicker yarns, this type of label is not as delicate as a damask woven label but still has a polished look.

Custom Woven Clothing Labels
Custom woven clothing labels for your clothing brand. Whether it be a damask woven label or satin woven label, we have a wide range of custom clothing labels for you needs and budget. Available in a variety of colors and textures, we’ll help you find the perfect woven labels for your business.

We provide free design for our customers. You do not have to download boring templates or software. Just input your information and we will create a logo for you.

Woven Clothing Labels Q&A

Can I get free samples of Woven Clothing Labels?

Certainly, our samples are free, but you'll need to cover the shipping cost.

What's the minimum quantity for custom Woven Clothing Labels?

Our normal minimum order quantity is 3000-5000 pieces, but we can also accommodate smaller orders.

How long does it take for sampling and production of Woven Clothing Labels?

Sampling typically takes 5 working days. Production time is 10-15 working days.

What products require Woven Clothing Labels?

Clothing labels are typically used to identify and provide information about the following types of products: 

1. Apparel: including tops, pants, skirts, jackets, dresses, etc. 

2. Footwear: shoes, boots, and other footwear items. 

3. Accessories: including hats, scarves, gloves, etc., accessories worn with clothing. 

4. Home textiles: such as pajamas, loungewear, socks, etc. 

5. Sports equipment: sportswear, sports pants, sports shoes, etc. 

6. Workwear: clothing specially designed for specific work environments, such as uniforms, protective clothing, etc. 

7. Underwear and swimwear: underwear, bras, panties, swimsuits, etc. 

8. Baby and children's clothing: clothing specially designed for infants and children. 

9. Outdoor gear: including hiking clothing, rain gear, outdoor sports equipment, etc. 

10. Special-purpose clothing: such as stage costumes, professional attire, etc. 

11. Work shoes: safety shoes, labor protection shoes, etc.

What is required to customize Woven Clothing Labels?

To customize clothing labels, clients need to prepare the brand name and logo, contact information, size and design requirements, color preferences, material selection, label type, text content, quantity requirements, design files, and budget. Then communicate with us.

What information do I need to provide to the label manufacturer for custom Woven Clothing Labels?

You can provide vector graphic files (such as AI, EPS, SVG, etc.) to us, preferably including size, material, color, logo, text content, etc.
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