Custom Hangtag String

Custom Hangtag String Service

Date Time: March 30, 2024
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Custom Hangtag String

Introduction to Hangtag String:

Hangtag string is an essential accessory for connecting hangtags and clothing. Materials include plastic, tape, natural jute, elastic cord, silk/polyester/cotton rope, etc. We offer custom services to produce hangtag strings with your logo according to your requirements. Materials also include polyester, linen, jute, waxed cotton, ribbon, etc. The primary purpose of hangtag strings is to securely attach tags to products, making our products durable and reasonably priced. Common types include plastic hangtag strings and rope hangtag strings, such as cotton hangtag strings or nylon hangtag strings.

Custom Hangtag String

Features of Hangtag String:

- Customizable materials, sizes, colors, and shapes.

- Various style options to meet customer needs.

- Customizable shapes for swing tag string seals.

- Custom hangtag strings with locking fixtures.

- Logo engraving available as per customer requirements.

Hangtag String Details:

- Materials: Plastic, metal, resin, nylon, polyester, cotton, tape, silk, elastic bands, etc.

- Sizes: Custom sizes available, any size can be provided.

- Colors: Multiple color options available, including white, black, red, yellow, blue, green, silver, gold, etc.

- Crafts: Optional crafts include hot stamping, silver stamping, printing, etc.

- Shapes: Shapes are fixed by 3D molds and can be customized.

Custom Hangtag String Samples:

- Sample One: Dimensions: Left string total length 13cm, right string total length 11cm, rectangular prism dimensions 18x7x5mm. Materials: Plastic seal, cotton rope. Colors: Black plastic seal, beige and gray ropes. Crafts: Logo engraving.

- Sample Two: Dimensions: Seal 7.75×2.6mm, total length with rope 25cm-26cm. Colors: Black plastic seal, black ribbon rope; gold embossed epoxy resin logo. Materials: Plastic seal fixture, polyester ribbon rope. Crafts: Embossed epoxy logo.

- Sample Three: Dimensions: Diameter 12mm, with 3mm ribbon; total length 260mm. Colors: Base color 1795C, rope and logo color 4685C. Crafts: Raised logo on both sides, with ribbon.

- Sample Four: Dimensions: Diameter 18mm, total length before locking 23.8mm. Materials: Plastic epoxy seal with polyester rope. Colors: Cool gray 11c for logo, rope, and plastic seal. Crafts: Double-sided embossed logo, surface epoxy resin.

- Sample Five: Dimensions: Diameter 14mm, with ribbon. Colors: Beige with gold logo. Materials: Plastic seal fixture with polyester ribbon rope. Crafts: Gold stamping embossing.

- Sample Six: Dimensions: Length 26cm. Colors: Black rope, black plastic, gold logo. Materials: Plastic seal with polyester rope. Crafts: Gold stamping, embossed gold logo.

Hangtag String FAQ:

1. Minimum Order Quantity and Pricing: Minimum order quantity for custom hangtag strings is 500 pieces, 10,000 pieces for custom colors or sizes of generic hangtag strings, and 1,000 pieces for generic hangtag strings without custom colors or sizes. Pricing depends on the materials, sizes, colors, and quantities of the order.

2. Bulk Production Time: 10-15 working days.

3. Delivery Time: 3-5 days for express delivery.

4. Customization of Rope Length: Yes, rope length can be customized, but some non-standard lengths may require additional mold fees.

5. Required Production Files: Please provide artworks in CDR, ESP, AI, or PDF formats.

6. Double-sided Logo and Statement Printing: Ribbons can typically be printed with logos on both sides, but other threads like cotton and polyester threads are not allowed.

7. Fine Twisted Synthetic Thread: Yes, we provide fine twisted synthetic threads for hangtags, and samples can be sent to your email, online chat, or WhatsApp.

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