Clothing Labels

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Custom metal clothing labels

metal logo tags

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Custom metal clothing labels
iron on labels for clothes
Iron on labels for clothes

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In addition to providing custom black clothing label services, Chinese supplier LIJIE also supports the customization of iron-on clothing labels, iron-on fabric labels, and iron-on tags. They utilize professional ironing techniques to ensure that the labels adhere firmly to the garments, withstand multiple washings and ironings, and meet customers' demands for high-quality labels.
black label clothing
Black Label Clothing


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Supplier Lijie provides custom black clothing label services, offering two common types of options: woven labels and wash care labels. Woven labels are typically made of high-quality fabric and can be personalized with woven text, patterns, or brand logos. Wash care labels, on the other hand, are printed labels affixed to garments and can include fabric composition, washing instructions, and other requested information. Supplier Lijie is committed to delivering high-quality labels that help customers showcase their unique style and brand image.
neck Tags for Clothing
Wholesale Black Label neck Tags for Clothing

black label

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China Li Jie Wholesale Black Label neck Tags for Clothing. This black and white size label is one of our best-selling products, and our factory maintains a large inventory at competitive prices. We support customization in various materials such as woven labels and fabric labels, and provide custom colors including black, white, red, yellow, green, purple, grey, gold, and silver. These tags can be used for clothing, accessories, pants, and other products.

Hang Tags

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Custom plastic hang tags

100 manufacturing plants, super low prices

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Custom plastic hang tags
hanging gift tags
Custom Hanging gift tags

Chinese manufacturer, cheap price

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In China, LIJIE is a well-known brand that specializes in creating beautiful and unique hanging gift tags. They offer a wide range of options, including different shapes, sizes, and materials to suit various gifting needs. From traditional designs with intricate patterns to modern and minimalist styles, LIJIE ensures that there is something for everyone.
Hang tags luxury sportswear
Hang tags luxury sportswear

kraft paper

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Wholesale Hang tags luxury sportswear support customization, LIJIE is a Chinese clothing label supplier, kraft paper hang tags large quantity and low price;
custom shirt price tags
Custom Shirt price hang tags

Cotton cloth, kraft paper

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China LIJIE provides customized hangtag services, offering a variety of materials for clothing price tags, including specialty paper, leather, plastic/PVC, polyester, and cotton, among others. These materials are suitable for different types of products, such as clothing, footwear, bags, leather goods, jewelry, watches, and outdoor equipment.
custom hang tags
Cheap Hang tags with elastic string

Cotton cloth, kraft paper

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YUWEI is a reliable supplier known for producing a wide range of cheap hang tags made from high-quality materials. Their hang tags come in various types and are suitable for different applications across multiple industries. One popular option is the hang tags with elastic string, which provide flexibility and convenience. These tags are commonly used in the fashion and textile industry, where they are attached to garments, accessories, and footwear. The elastic string ensures a secure and adjustable attachment, allowing customers to easily view product information without the risk of losing or misplacing the tag.

YUWEI also offers hang tags with regular strings, which are widely utilized in various products such as home goods, cosmetics, electronics, and more. These versatile hang tags enhance branding and provide essential product details, including pricing, care instructions, and barcodes. With YUWEI's commitment to delivering cost-effective solutions, businesses can benefit from their affordable hang tags without compromising on quality.


What customization options do you offer for clothing labels?

We support various customization options, including label materials, colors, sizes, patterns, and text content.

Can you provide samples for quality and effect confirmation?

Yes, we can provide samples for your confirmation. Generally, we offer free samples, and you only need to cover the shipping cost.

What is the production lead time for custom clothing labels?

The production lead time depends on the customization requirements and order quantity. Typically, we aim to complete production within 2-3 weeks after confirming the design.

Is there a minimum order quantity requirement?

We usually have minimum order quantity requirements, but the specific requirement depends on the customization details. We strive to accommodate customer needs while ensuring production cost and efficiency.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept various payment methods, including bank transfer, credit card payment, and Alipay. Payment details will be communicated and confirmed with you upon ordering.

Can you help with designing the clothing labels? I don't have an in-house design team.

Yes, we have a professional design team that can create personalized clothing labels based on your needs and product characteristics, helping you enhance your brand image.

Can I add my brand story or slogan to the clothing labels?

Certainly, clothing labels can not only display product information but also showcase brand stories, slogans, and other content, aiding consumers in better understanding and recognizing your brand.

Can you provide marketing suggestions related to the clothing labels?

We can offer marketing suggestions for your clothing labels, including advice on how to design them to highlight product features, capture consumer attention, and enhance your brand's influence.

Can customized clothing labels display promotional information near the products?

Yes, you can add promotional information or special event slogans to the clothing labels as needed, promoting product sales and stimulating consumer purchasing desire.

What is the effect of customized clothing labels, and can you provide successful case references?

We can present the effects of customized clothing labels and share some successful cases for your reference, which will help you better understand the role of clothing label customization in brand promotion.