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Customization of metal clothing labels can be achieved through processes such as screen printing and heat transfer, using materials like stainless steel, copper, aluminum alloy, or zinc alloy. These labels can be customized into button or patch styles and are suitable for use on jeans, sportswear, and fashion accessories to showcase brand aesthetics, add tactile appeal, and meet functional requirements. LIJIE in Shantou provides customization services, offering personalized metal label solutions to meet your needs.
Function Description

LIJIE in Shantou, China, supports custom metal clothing labels and provides the following services:

1. Processes:
   - Printing: Techniques such as screen printing or heat transfer can be used to print text and patterns on metal labels to achieve the desired design effect.
   - Cutting: Laser cutting or stamping can be used to cut metal sheets into various shapes according to design requirements to meet the needs of different clothing products.
   - Laser engraving: Utilizing laser engraving machines to engrave unique patterns or fonts on the metal surface, enhancing the label's individuality and fashion sense.
   - Passivation treatment: Treating metal labels with anodizing or electroplating to improve their corrosion resistance and texture, ensuring that the labels remain aesthetically pleasing for a long time.

2. Materials:
   - Stainless steel: Known for its excellent corrosion resistance, suitable for high-end clothing to enhance product quality and durability.
   - Copper: Possesses good conductivity and malleability, often used in fashionable decorative clothing, contributing to the product's unique artistic atmosphere.
   - Aluminum alloy: Lightweight and durable, suitable for outdoor sports equipment or casual wear, meeting the demands of outdoor activities.
   - Zinc alloy: Relatively low cost, commonly used for large-scale production of affordable clothing labels, helping to reduce production costs.

3. Types:
   - Button-style: Designed with fixed holes or buttons for easy sewing onto garments, suitable for clothing products that need frequent disassembly.
   - Patch-style: Equipped with adhesive on the back for direct attachment to fabric, ideal for sportswear or casual clothing, enhancing convenience and aesthetics.

4. Applications:
   - Jeans: Metal labels are commonly used on the back waist of jeans to showcase brand style, enhancing the fashion and brand awareness of the product.
   - Sportswear: Suitable for outdoor sports clothing, labels need to have wear-resistant and waterproof properties to meet the demands of outdoor activities.
   - Fashion accessories: Can be used as part of fashion accessories, adding texture and style to clothing, increasing the product's value and appeal.

Through the aforementioned services, LIJIE can select suitable processes, materials, and types based on customer design requirements and clothing types to achieve decorative, brand display, and functional purposes, catering to customers' personalized custom metal clothing label needs.

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Which products require custom metal labels?

Engraved metal labels produced through different manufacturing processes have various uses. They can be used as clothing labels, badges, medals, keychains, hat emblems, and hat clips. Additionally, you can also create cufflinks, metal pendants or tags, and other accessories. Furthermore, we also produce custom embossed metal clothing labels in various shapes and sizes. Therefore, they all have multiple surface treatment options for customers to choose from.

Where can metal labels be shipped to?

We wholesale batch-customized metal brand labels, customized stamped metal labels, and metal sticker labels. Despite this, we can still ship them to many countries, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, South Africa, etc. As a skilled metal label manufacturer, we are responsible to our customers. We strive to achieve global influence. So, please choose metal product labels for your clothing series. In addition, we also provide custom bottle neck labels for wine bottles, gifts, and promotional items.

What is the minimum order quantity and price for metal labels?

  • 100 pieces. The price needs to be calculated based on the materials, size, color, and quantity you order.

What is the lead time for mass production and transportation?

  • 10-15 working days. Express delivery takes 3-5 days.

What materials are available for selection?

  • Zinc alloy, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, and polymer materials.

What logo styles are available for selection?

  • Logos can be engraved, ironed, printed, raised, cut, epoxy coated in multiple colors.

What profiles are needed for production?

  • Please send us vector logo files, such as PDF, AI, ESP, CDR, or PSD original files.

Can samples be provided? Can samples be made first?

  • Yes, of course, you just need to pay for the samples, and then we can customize them for you.

Can we get free samples?

  • Yes, we can ship reference samples for you to check the quality and styles. Samples are free, so you only need to pay for shipping.

What waterproof, rust-resistant, and beautiful metal label tags do you recommend?

  • We recommend using zinc alloy, which is very durable, washable, and will not fade for many years.

What are the waterproof and non-fading options for customizing metal tags for clothing?

  • We recommend using zinc alloy material. It is of very good quality, extremely waterproof, and does not fade easily.

What is the process for handling metal clothing labels?

  • First, we need to discuss basic information such as size, color, material, quantity, and process. Then our product experts will give you a price and an invoice. Next, payment can be made. After you make the payment, we will design for you. Once you confirm the design, we can arrange production. The production time is about 15 to 20 days. That's the whole process.

Metal labels: stainless steel or aluminum? What do you recommend? We don't want them to be too heavy.

  • No need for heavyweight, our product experts would recommend making them in zinc alloy (metal labels), which can be made 1mm thick. This material does not fade easily, and the price is much lower than other materials.

We are looking for metal accessories, can you produce according to our requirements?

  • No problem, we can produce metal accessories according to your requirements, and you can customize the size, color, logo, etc.

How wash-resistant are metal labels?

  • Metal labels can be washed and are rust-resistant.

What coatings can metal labels provide, any options? Can you provide product test reports to ensure they will not rust or oxidize on fabric and withstand weather conditions?

  • Metal labels have various colored coatings, and we can send you pictures of the color cards. We do not have reports, but we have served many customers for many years, and our metal labels indeed do not rust or oxidize.

What kind of metal do you usually use for metal labels? If we choose gold, what type of coloring is it? Galvanization or something else?

  • Aluminum, steel, copper, and alloys can all be made into metal labels. But the most widely used is zinc alloy. Gold-plated, long-lasting color, washable, and rust-resistant. In addition to gold, we also have silver, black, copper, and antique brass colors.

How do you ship goods to Moscow, Russia—by train or by air?

  • If the quantity of buttons and metal labels is small and not heavy, we usually ship them by express delivery such as DHL, FedEx, or UPS. If they are very heavy, we will ship them by train or truck.

Customized metal clothing labels, are these suitable for clothing? Is there a price difference between different types of metal?

  • Of course, metal labels are an important decoration for clothing. Different metals have different prices, but the most common material is zinc alloy.

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