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YUWEI is a reliable supplier known for producing a wide range of cheap hang tags made from high-quality materials. Their hang tags come in various types and are suitable for different applications across multiple industries. One popular option is the hang tags with elastic string, which provide flexibility and convenience. These tags are commonly used in the fashion and textile industry, where they are attached to garments, accessories, and footwear. The elastic string ensures a secure and adjustable attachment, allowing customers to easily view product information without the risk of losing or misplacing the tag.

YUWEI also offers hang tags with regular strings, which are widely utilized in various products such as home goods, cosmetics, electronics, and more. These versatile hang tags enhance branding and provide essential product details, including pricing, care instructions, and barcodes. With YUWEI's commitment to delivering cost-effective solutions, businesses can benefit from their affordable hang tags without compromising on quality.
Function Description

China LIJIE supports the customization of hang tags in various materials and techniques. Below are some common options that can be applied to various products:

Materials Customization:
1. Paper: ordinary paper, art paper, specialty paper, etc., suitable for clothing, shoes, bags, etc.
2. Plastic/PVC: suitable for outdoor gear, swimwear, sports equipment, etc., durable and waterproof.
3. Leather/Leatherette: suitable for leather goods, handbags, accessories, etc., giving the product a sense of luxury and texture.
4. Metal/Metal Alloy: suitable for jewelry, watches, high-end clothing, etc., adding a sense of luxury.
5. Polyester/Nylon: suitable for outdoor gear, sports equipment, etc., with durability and tensile strength.

Techniques Customization:
1. Printing: screen printing, heat transfer printing, digital printing, etc., to achieve various patterns, colors, and detail requirements.
2. Hot Stamping: using hot pressing technology to add metal foil or silver foil on hang tags, enhancing visual effects and quality.
3. Embroidery/Sewing: adding text, patterns, etc. to hang tags through embroidery or sewing techniques, adding personalized and handmade feel.
4. Laser Engraving: using laser engraving machine to engrave words, patterns or logos on hang tags, fine and durable.

These customization options are suitable for products such as clothing, shoes, bags, leather goods, jewelry, watches, outdoor gear, and sports equipment. Choosing the appropriate material and technique customization method can help improve product quality and brand image.

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