Custom PVC Labels for Clothing

Custom PVC Labels for Clothing Brands

Date Time: March 30, 2024
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Custom PVC Labels for Clothing

PVC labels are soft rubber or silicone labels that don't fade or peel. Custom PVC labels can be engraved, embossed, and printed, offering durability and weather resistance. Also known as polyvinyl chloride, these labels have a soft, rubbery texture ideal for garments like swimwear.

Custom PVC Labels for Clothing Brands

We offer custom 2D and 3D PVC labels and patches for fashion brands, easily sewn onto any product with added sewing channels. You can also engrave, emboss, or print your logo and brand name, aiding in brand establishment and promotion. They can be attached using sewing, Velcro, adhesive, soft magnetic backing, etc.


Details of PVC Labels for Clothing

- Size/Color/Shape: Customized;

- Material: Soft PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride);

- Craftsmanship: Shape fixed by 3D molds;

- Logo: Can be double-sided embossed/debossed;

- Backing Options: Velcro, sew-on, 3M adhesive, add button or magnet, steel hook, etc.;

- Packaging: Inner packing with plastic PP bags, outer packing with export cartons;

- Minimum Order Quantity: 1000 pieces.


As suppliers and manufacturers, we have skilled expertise in manufacturing PVC labels and tags. We wholesale customizable PVC, rubber, and silicone clothing labels globally, including the USA, UK, Canada, Japan, South Africa, etc.


Additionally, we produce fabric, printed, and woven labels. Feel free to contact us for customizing all types of labels, and our sales experts will promptly offer you the best prices.


Why Choose Soft PVC Clothing Labels?

- Stand out in the market, promoting your products;

- Create personality, attracting customer attention;

- Enhance brand image, cultivating loyal customer bases.


Differences between PVC and Silicone Labels

- Appearance: PVC labels are rougher compared to the smooth, colored surface of silicone labels;

- Feel: Silicone products are soft and resilient, while PVC is relatively harder, but its hardness is adjustable.

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