Shantou LIJIE Garment Accessories Co., Ltd: A Leading Player in the Domestic Garment Accessories Market

Date Time: May 27, 2020
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Shantou LIJIE Garment Accessories Co., Ltd has established itself as a prominent player in the garment accessories industry, being a trusted supplier for various brands. With over 13 years of continuous development, our company has made remarkable progress, constantly pushing boundaries and expanding our product range. Our brand products now extend beyond garment accessories, with each design being a timeless masterpiece. We pride ourselves on providing personalized service, professional technical support, and reliable, high-quality products. It is these qualities that have earned us recognition from numerous enterprises in the garment accessories industry.

Garment Accessories Market

On March 16th, 2019, Shantou LIJIE Garment Accessories implemented a new plan to improve customer response time, design ideal products, and ensure fast production of high-quality items. We trained and honed the typing and response speed of our employees, with products designed by experienced designers with over 10 years of experience, meeting and exceeding our customers' expectations. To better serve our clients, we expanded our production capabilities by moving into a self-built factory in December 2018. We added eight embroidery machines, six label weaving machines, one printing machine, and several other machines to our production line.

Since its inception, Shantou LIJIE Garment Accessories Co., Ltd has steadily progressed in the garment accessories industry, consistently providing superior, reliable, and high-quality products to businesses. Our services include customized logo designs for enterprises, fashionable decorations for clothing featured in magazines, and distinctive symbols that help people recognize and identify companies. With our extensive product range, we have become a leading player in the garment accessories industry, known for our large scale, wide influence, extensive following, and high popularity.

As we continue to evolve and develop our brand, Shantou LIJIE remains committed to delivering quality products and ensuring 

exceptional customer service. We strive to stay ahead of the trends, expand our market presence, and solidify our position as a trusted brand in the industry.

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