Attention Points for Design and Production of Woven Labels

Date Time: October 31, 2023
Reading volume: 138
Author: LIJIE

There are many important points to consider during the design and production process of woven labels. These points are closely related to the quality of the label's design and production. If not handled carefully, many issues can arise. Here are some important considerations for the production of woven labels that can help ensure high-quality results:

Attention Points for Design and Production of Woven Labels

Width Limitations: When machines produce woven labels, width is limited. Computer machines require a minimum width of 1cm, with higher waste rates and costs, but no upper limit. The maximum width can reach 110cm. Shuttle looms require a width between 1cm to 5cm, with a maximum width of 5.0cm. Computerized edge hook machines require a width of 0.6cm to 3.5cm, with a maximum width of 3.5cm.

Color Limitations: Different machines have different limitations on the colors that can be used for woven labels. Computer machines can weave up to 12 colors, including gold, silver, black, and other metallic threads. Shuttle looms can only weave up to 4 colors (including satin backgrounds), and satin hot-stamped woven labels can only use rayon thread. Another specialized technique is the exclusive process of wood shuttle looms, which cannot be completed by other models. Hook machines can weave up to 4 colors.

Production Time: Different machines have different production times for woven labels. Computer machines and shuttle looms can produce within three days and ship within 4-6 days. Hook machines require 4-5 days for production and 5-7 days for shipping.

Based on these considerations, we now have a basic understanding of the design and production of woven labels. The next step is post-production work, which can help in the design and production of woven labels, so that we can understand the different specifications and limitations of different types of woven labels. When designing woven labels, attention should be paid to their width and color limitations to ensure the production of high-quality woven labels. Shantou LIJIE supports customized clothing label production. For inquiries, email us at

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