What are the shapes of clothing hangtags?

Date Time: November 18, 2023
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Clothing hangtags serve as the instruction manual for garments. They not only provide information about the fabric, quality, care instructions, etc., but also serve as a decorative element and promote the brand for businesses. A successful clothing hangtag can enhance the overall appeal of the garment and boost sales. In hangtag design, the shape is also crucial as a unique shape can stimulate and attract the attention of consumers. So, what are the shapes of clothing hangtags? Let's take a look together:

What are the shapes of clothing hangtags?

1. Rectangular shape: The rectangular shape is the most common and widely used shape for hangtags in the market.

2. Rounded corners: Hangtags with rounded corners are essentially rectangular hangtags with rounded edges, providing a smooth and gentle appearance while maintaining aesthetics.

3. Folded style: Folded hangtags can include both rectangular or rounded corner shapes. They offer greater versatility in terms of content and are considered more upscale compared to the simplicity of rectangular hangtags. Many high-end fashion brands now use folded hangtag designs.

4. Custom shapes: Hangtags with custom shapes, also known as irregular or unique shapes, are less common. However, as people's aesthetic requirements become more demanding, various custom-shaped hangtags have emerged. Common custom shapes include circles, ovals, pentagons, hearts, leaves, plum blossoms, crowns, etc. Although custom-shaped hangtags have distinctive personal characteristics, the irregular shape increases material wastage, leading to increased costs and production difficulties.

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