How to make clothing hangtags made of special paper?

Date Time: November 18, 2023
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The production of garment hang tags made from specialty paper involves various considerations. Here's a brief overview of the key points to keep in mind:

How to make clothing hangtags made of special paper

1. Grain Direction of Specialty Paper:
When using specialty paper with horizontal or vertical grain, it is essential to calculate the paper cutting or layout based on the desired finished grain direction specified by the customer. Failure to consider the directional nature of the paper could result in inconsistencies in the finishing grain direction, leading to potential issues in the final product.

2. Front and Back of Specialty Paper:
Specialty paper typically has distinct front and back sides, with the front side displaying more prominent patterns and textures. It is crucial to accurately identify the front and back of the paper, as even if the ink colors used on both sides are the same, designs should avoid self-flipping printing due to potential issues with image and text clarity caused by dot placement in recessed areas.

3. Fold Endurance of Specialty Paper:
Certain specialty papers with greater thickness and basis weight, low wood pulp content, and poor fold endurance are not suitable for uncovered hardcover bindings or covers with creases, as they may be prone to breakage or deformation. Conversely, papers with clear textures might experience virtual flowers or bubbling when laminated. Therefore, prior fold endurance testing is recommended before selecting a specific type of specialty paper for covers, allowing for the identification of potential quality issues such as crease fraying, breakage, or groove flattening.

By considering these factors, one can ensure the proper production of garment hang tags made from specialty paper.
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