Do clothing hang tags need to be laminated?

Date Time: November 18, 2023
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The price of laminated hang tags is higher than non-laminated ones, and many customers are asking whether it is necessary to laminate clothing hang tags. What is the difference between plastic film and non-plastic film? Lamination coating is a surface treatment process for hang tags. Hang tags covered with film serve the purpose of protection and increasing gloss. If you don't observe carefully, there is almost no difference between film-coated and non-film-coated hang tags. Let's talk about the benefits of lamination!

Do clothing hang tags need to be laminated

The film can be divided into matte film and glossy film. Matte film is foggy, frosted on the surface, with a thick and stable texture, and a higher-grade appearance. The surface of glossy film shines and reflects light when viewed at an angle, does not change color for a long time, and can protect the printing ink/content.

If the budget cost of the customer's label is sufficient, it is recommended to coat the product label, because coated labels are not only waterproof and fade-resistant but also make the label look high-end. The label is the "business card" of the product. If consumers see that the label is ordinary, they will also think that the product is ordinary. A good label will give people a sense of high-end and nobility. Labels without film coating look more stimulating and may have some paper foam.

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