What is the function of hang tags in clothing accessories?

Date Time: November 18, 2023
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A complete clothing hang tag cannot do without the matching of a hang tag. Every clothing hang tag must be accompanied by a hang tag, which is the link between the hang tag and the merchandise, so the role of the hang tag in clothing accessories is very important. What is the function of the hang tag in clothing accessories? I believe that many people are not very clear about it. Let's take a look together:

What is the function of hang tags in clothing accessories

The design of hang tags in China is mainly based on the design style and elements of Hong Kong and Taiwan, and then integrates local characteristics to form a unique style. Some manufacturers have endowed the hang tag with more fashion elements, making the hang tag more rich and personalized. For example, some hang tag operators regard the small hang tag as a condensed advertisement, which plays a good promotional role.

The construction of hang tags is very simple. In the past, they were knotted into a circular shape using cotton rope, hemp rope, braided rope, etc., with few styles, single and lacking aesthetic sense. It was difficult to play its role. In order to better play its role, today's hang tags are much more beautiful in production, with a variety of styles. They can not only play a promotional role but also match clothing as a fashion statement.

Normally, hang tags and hang tags are combined into a set, mostly distinguished by clothing styles such as casual wear, formal wear, children's wear, suits, trousers, jackets, etc. Hang tags can effectively highlight the brand, promote corporate culture, and provide product identification and washing instructions. In a set of high-end apparel, creatively designed and thematically distinctive hang tags can serve as decorative accessories and add the finishing touch to the apparel.

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