Where to custo hem tags for clothing?

Where to Customize Hem Tags for Clothing?

Date Time: February 01, 2024
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Where to custo hem tags for clothing?

LIJIE Clothing Label Manufacturing is located in Shantou, Guangdong, China, providing high-quality, low-priced hem tags for clothing. They are available for 100% factory wholesale, with complete qualifications and certifications.

 Where to customize hem tags for clothing

What are hem tags for clothing?

Hem tags are folded labels sewn on sleeves, bottom seams, or side hems, offering customized woven, printed, and leather hem tags with logos for clothing brands. Materials include satin, silk, polyester, cotton, among others, with a recommendation for using woven satin for customization. The standard size is 1" x 1" (25.4mm x 25.4mm) square.


Why choose hem tags for clothing?

- Enhance design aesthetics, becoming a crucial part of the clothing design process.

- Improve the customer dressing experience by reducing skin contact area, especially suitable for individuals with sensitive skin.

- Increase brand exposure opportunities as the tags are on the external part of the clothing, catching the customer's attention.


Process of creating personalized hem tags

1. Contact sales representatives to discuss design, size, and color preferences.

2. Create samples and make adjustments as needed.

3. Mass-produce and deliver the customized tags.


How to sew hem tags?

- Determine the placement, recommended on sleeves, front pockets, or bottom hem areas.

- Use a sewing machine for stitching, or seamlessly connect them using blue fabric if sewing is not preferred.

- Offer different types of backing, including iron-on baacking, adhesive backing, and simple support.


Detailed information for customizing hem tags

1. Materials: Weave, satin, silk, polyester, cotton, nylon, leather, etc.

2. Size and color: Any size and color for hem tags are available.

3. Backing: Plain, self-adhesive tape, etc.

4. Folding: Center-fold.

5. Cutting: Hot cut, laser cut, ultrasonic cut.


Create your own personalized hem tags for your clothing brand:

- We are manufacturers and wholesalers of custom hem tags, and our product experts will guide you through every step of the customization process.

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