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Price: $0.06
LIJIE Satin Clothing Labels Mainly low price and high quality. There is price advantage because we are China factory. We have low labour cost, plus mechanized production, so the unit price can be compressed to $0.05;

We can customise Satin Clothing Labels such as woven labels, fabric labels, printed labels, washed labels, wash labels, PVC trademarks, leather labels, collar labels and other crafts for clothing, shoes, hats, scarves.

Our products have been exported to Germany, Italy, UK, France, Spain and other EU countries, Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries, USA, Mexico, Brazil and other countries.
Function Description

Manufacturer LIJIE offers Satin Clothing Labels customised service, with 15000 square meters mechanized production factory, which can daily produce 500000 Garment Woven Labels and 100000 Paper Hangtags, etc., located in Shantou, Guangdong, China. Home textile products; Whether it's kraft paper tags, steel tags, PVC tags, silicone tags, woven labels, woven labels, size labels, or wash labels and other garment accessories products, we mass produce them all. 

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Garment tag brands all need to ensure their high quality and consistency, which fuels a better brand image. We are your best choice;

For the same product, our cost is lower; it can save you 30% of the purchase cost.

Satin Clothing Labels Q&A

How much do Satin Clothing Labels cost?

The cost of a single regular Satin Clothing Labels is $0.07, excluding logistics. 

How much does it cost to ship Satin Clothing Labels to Europe?

We have a variety of logistics options, for example, for a 20kg product, there is a range of logistics fees from $120 to $250; low price delivery period will be relatively longer; (if the purchase of large quantities of products, we will give more preferential prices) 

How long does it take for Satin Clothing Labels to be customised?

We will communicate the details within 2 days if the customer provides the psd and other files. It takes 7 working days for production and delivery; of course logistics may also take 7-10 days; (but we are cheaper) 

Satin Clothing Labels Price is so low, how is the quality? Do you have certificate?

Our price is low because we are a Chinese factory and our labour cost is low; secondly, the depreciation of RMB; thirdly, because we are mechanized production; and fourthly, we are looking forward to long-term cooperation partners. Price is the first step for customers to try to cooperate with us.  The raw materials of our products such as cotton, PVC, silicone, paper, etc. have the corresponding certificates of ROHS and REACH, etc. The quality is reliable, please rest assured! 

Is there any other channel to buy Satin Clothing Labels from you?

We have opened an international Alibaba shop; you can also order directly from Alibaba.  

Can you send me free samples of Satin Clothing Labels?

We can send samples for free, but the customer has to provide the logistics cost; if you think the logistics cost is too expensive, but want to know the product video, you can add my whatsapp:+86 18814186731 I will send you the product video!

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