Understanding the Difference Between Satin Woven Labels and Damask Woven Labels

Date Time: November 23, 2023
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We offer customized satin woven labels, damask woven labels, reverse woven labels, and other fabric edge woven labels. However, clients often ask us about the difference between satin woven labels and damask woven labels.

Woven Labels and Damask Woven Labels

Satin woven labels are a type of fabric edge woven label with a glossy surface and a silky sheen on the fabric edge. It has a luxurious appearance, resembling starch, but the satin weave is slightly coarser. When text is in bold, the surface seems to fill in small holes, but it's less noticeable with finer text. If you are concerned about the presence of small holes on the surface, we recommend choosing damask woven labels.

Damask woven labels are a high-quality type of computerized woven label with the finest threads that can display intricate details.

Woven Labels and Damask Woven Labels

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