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Choosing woven and satin fabrics in clothing labels is crucial. LiJie provides custom satin woven labels for wholesale clothing, suitable for formal wear, hats, underwear, and baby clothing. What information is on these labels? Logos, washing/care instructions, size indications, etc.
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Satin printed labels are very soft and silky against the skin. This makes them ideal labels for clothing, lingerie, bedding and children's products. 1000 pieces of satin woven labels, satin woven labels, clothing woven labels, clothing labels, satin woven labels, silk woven labels. Price $0.05 each · In stock.

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Satin Woven Label Q&A

What fabric is used for woven labels?

Damask: Damask has a slightly shiny, reflective look and is the most common material for woven labels. This synthetic material has a tight weave, allows for great detail, and is soft and pliable. These labels are durable, easy to sew on, and don't usually irritate your clients' skin.

What is the difference between damask and satin woven labels?

Woven satin labels are popular choices for high end and relaxing apparel for its longevity, comfort, and quality appearance. Satin is a lower density than damask, so it is best used with simple artwork. Also due to its low density, the background color can only be done in pure black, or in very light, pastel colors.

What fabric to use for clothing labels?

Satin, nylon, taffeta, polyester, tape, ribbon, non-woven fabric, and cotton fabric are used. As a result, they're perfect for t-shirts, coats, shirts, pants, and children's clothing.

What are the 3 main types of woven fabrics?

The warp and weft can be woven together in different variations of the three basic weaves; plain, twill and satin. These varieties can be shaped into dresses, tops, coats, etc.

How can you tell if fabric is satin?

It's usually pretty easy to tell. Satin fabric is always super smooth and really super shiny and if you run your hand over it, it'll feel slick and smooth too. There's no other fabric that's made like satin is.

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