Sewing Labels for Clothing Wholesale

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LIJIE, a prominent Sewing Labels manufacturer in China, provides wholesale Sewing Labels with customizable colors and sizes. Our products are 100% factory-made, ensuring superior quality at exceptionally low prices. Elevate your brand with our affordable and top-notch Sewing Labels.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of sewing labels are there?

Sewing labels primarily include woven labels, printed labels, heat transfer labels, and ribbon labels, among various others.

What techniques are used for sewing labels?

Common techniques include digital printing, weaving, heat transfer, etc., with the choice depending on label design and customer preferences.

What materials are used for sewing labels?

Common materials include polyester, cotton, synthetic fibers, etc. Material selection depends on factors such as the product's purpose, comfort, and durability.

Which products are suitable for sewing labels?

Sewing labels find wide applications in clothing, home textiles, footwear, and other textile products, providing effective means for brand recognition and product customization.

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