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Chinese factory, 100% low price
Price: 0.05$ Dollar
China LIJIE offers customised barcode hangtags at $0.05, super cheap wholesale barcode hangtags, 100% factory sale, customised paper material, environmentally friendly and renewable. The factory is located in Shantou, Guangdong, China, with 15,000 square metres, can daily 100,000 garment hangtags, customers can also place orders through our official Alibaba channel.
Function Description

LIJIE is a Chinese manufacturer located in Shantou, Guangdong, offering wholesale custom hang tag services with barcodes at low prices. Whether you need blank barcode hang tags or customized designs, LIJIE can provide the service you require. We can assist you with hang tag design and add barcodes according to your specifications, ensuring easier product identification and traceability.

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Barcode Hang Tags Q&A

How much does it cost for customised barcode hang tags?

I believe you have already compared the prices on the internet, most of them need to start from $1.2; however, if you place an order with us, our price for the same quality of barcode hang tags is 1 times lower than the outside, only needing $0.09 - $0.5 (shipping not included)

What materials are used for barcode hang tags?

Plain paper, cardboard, art paper, PVC, PET, PP, copper, aluminium, cotton fabric, polyester fabric, leather.

What are hanging tags called?

These small, curious, usually disposable items have limitless potential to convert customers to buy. Hang tags and price tags are also known as swing tickets, suspended ticket, suspended label, hanging tag, hanging label, swing tag, swinging tag, swinging label or a swinging ticket.

Can I sell clothes without hang tags?

Generally, it is legal to resell clothing without a branded tag, but you should be aware that the legality of doing so will depend on the specific laws of the country or state in which the clothing is being sold.

What is the purpose of a hang tag?

Hang tags are small cardboard or plastic labels that hang from clothing and provide information such as size, colour, fabric and price. Hangtags can play an important role in attracting consumer attention and conveying important information about the product to which the tag is attached.

Where should a hangtag be placed?

Hangtags are traditionally placed in the collar tag, in the collar fabric or in the right/left underarm fabric.

What is the difference between a label and a hangtag?

A tag is usually attached to an item or person in a hanging fashion. Example: A price tag hangs from the sleeve of a jumper. A label covers the item and is usually fully attached. Think of food labels, where the words are attached to the item.

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