In the design of clothing woven labels, what aspects need to be considered?

Date Time: November 18, 2023
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There are many things to consider during the production and post-processing of clothing woven labels. Some widths are not producible by machines and require the designer or producer to pay extra attention. These considerations are related to the design and production quality of clothing woven labels. If we are not careful, it can lead to many problems in the design and production of clothing woven labels. For example, some post-processing machines cannot handle certain widths, so manual processing is required, which increases production costs. So, what aspects need to be considered in the design of clothing woven labels? Let's take a look together:

clothing woven labels

1. Width Limitation:
   - Computerized machine: The minimum width requirement is 1cm; anything less than 1cm needs to be manually cut, leading to high waste rates and increased costs. There is no upper limit on width, with a maximum of up to 110cm.
   - Wooden shuttle machine: The width requirement is between 1cm and 5cm, with a maximum of 5.0cm.
   - Computerized edge-locking machine: The width requirement is between 0.6cm and 3.5cm, with a maximum of 3.5cm.

2. Color Limitation:
   - Computerized machine: Widest range of color options, up to 12 colors including metallic threads such as gold, silver, and black.
   - Wooden shuttle machine: Can weave up to 4 colors (including satin base color), but for satin-faced dyed labels, only human silk thread can be used (as it is not easily dyed during the dyeing process), and metallic threads such as gold, silver, and black cannot be used due to their susceptibility to breakage at high temperatures. Additionally, the dyeing process is exclusive to the wooden shuttle machine and cannot be done by other types of machines.
   - Edge-locking machine: Can weave up to 4 colors.

3. Production Time:
   - Computerized machine and wooden shuttle machine generally take 3 days for production and 4-6 days for delivery.
   - Edge-locking machine requires 4-5 days for production and 5-7 days for delivery.

Woven labels can take on very different types based on different processes, such as burnt-edge woven labels, satin woven labels, flat woven labels, embossed woven labels, anti-counterfeiting woven labels, etc. Of course, they can also be categorized into cotton, polyester, metallic thread, and rayon woven labels due to different yarns. Due to the different materials and processes, there are certain differences in quality as well.

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