Custom Knitting Labels for Clothing

Chinese factory, 100% low price
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LIJIE, a Knitting Labels manufacturer in China, offers wholesale Knitting Labels for clothing, color and size can be custom, 100% factory-made. with low prices.
Function Description
LIJIE is a Chinese Sew in knitting labels manufacturer. If you need to wholesale purchase knitting labels, please contact us and we support custom;

What types of knitting labels are there?

Woven labels, cloth labels, printed labels, washed labels, washed labels, clothing trademarks, leather labels, collar labels.

What are the processes for knitting labels?

Double brocade, flat surface, satin surface, overlock seal, digital woven label, silk screen, flexo, wheel printing, hooked woven label, offset printing.

What styles of knitting labels are there?

Modern, classic, European and American, cartoon, Japanese and Korean, fresh, sporty, business

What colors can be customized for knitting labels?

White #FFFFFF, black #000000, gray #808080, red #FF0000, blue #0000FF, green #008000, yellow #FFFF00, purple #800080, orange #FFA500, pink #FFC0CB, brown #A52A2A, dark blue #00008B , light blue #ADD8E6, gold #FFD700, silver #C0C0C0, orange red #FF4500, light green #00FF00, dark purple #800080, navy #191970, pink #FF1493.

In which areas can our knitting labels be sold?

Countries in North America, Southeast Asia, Europe, South America, the Middle East, Africa and other regions

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