How much do Custom Fabric Labels cost

How much do Custom Fabric Labels cost?

Date Time: February 28, 2024
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How much do Custom Fabric Labels cost

How much do custom fabric labels cost?
Custom fabric labels are priced at approximately $0.05 each; welcome to purchase.

Fabric labels are made from fabric materials, including woven and printed fabric labels, customized with logos for fashion brands. All personalized fabric labels can have your logo added. As fabric label manufacturers, we wholesale iron-on, printable, and folded fabric logo labels. We also provide fabric care, size, or name labels. Therefore, they are ideal for clothing, crafts, quilts, etc.
How much do Custom Fabric Labels costAdditionally, any color, size, or type can be provided. We can ship them to the USA, UK, or other countries. If you need samples, we can ship them to you. So, if you have a logo file, just send it to us. If not, we can provide free design for you.

Many customers want customized fabric labels just because they need a distinctive logo to enhance their brand image. We provide custom clothing labels for various brands. Additionally, they can include business information and other text. So, we are happy to work with you. Then, you can create special labels to cultivate brand loyalty.

Types of Custom Fabric Labels
There are two types. It includes Woven Fabric Labels and Printed Fabric Labels. But they are based on different logo forms.

Woven Fabric Labels
Woven fabric labels are made from yarns of different colors. And, it's also made for clothing brands through weaving. Then, cut into small pieces in the shape of labels. Woven fabric labels are perfect for use as main labels for clothing. Additionally, they are ideal for neck labels and size labels.

Printed Fabric Labels
Printed fabric labels are fabric labels, including satin labels or cotton labels printed with logos on stock fabric tapes. They use printing presses for flexographic printing or screen printing. Then cut, folded into various shapes. We use printed labels as washing labels for clothes.

Differences between the two types of fabric labels
The color fastness of woven fabric labels after washing is better than that of printed fabric labels. But the price is a bit higher than the latter. Printed fabric labels have no color limitations. Therefore, they can print various crafts. However, woven fabric labels have color limitations. And they cannot weave more colors.

Woven fabric labels are perfect for making main labels and neck labels. Printed fabric labels are ideal for washing labels, care labels, and size labels.

For printed fabric labels, we can print brand logos or text on 81 printing materials. Please refer to the material table for printed labels. But for woven fabric labels, there are only about twelve materials to choose from.

As a supplier of clothing brand labels in China, we know that most clothing, knitted crafts, and DIY handmade products will use these two types of clothing fabric labels. Additionally, both types of fabric labels mentioned above can be customized.

Please send us your logo or design and let us know the quantity. Then also tell us where it will be shipped to. Then we will quote you the best price and provide free design for you to check. The minimum order quantity is 5000 pieces.

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